Auto Credit Assistance Corp provides all financing for 1st Choice which allows flexibility and individual structuring of each loan. Our loans are structured to fit individual needs and goals. 
Criteria for ACAC Approvals:

A completed, signed, and dated credit application to include:

5 Years of Residence History: Provide name, address, and phone number for current landlord or mortgage holder. If living with a relative, we required name phone number, and relationship of relative. 

3 Years of Employment History:  We will need name, phone number, and dates of employment if less than 1 year with current employer. If self-employed, you must submit previous 2-years of tax returns. 

Minimum of 5 references/contact points: Provide name, complete physical address, phone number and relationship. It cannot be members of the same household, with the exception of a significant other, who must be listed if not on the loan, cannot be duplicated with employer/supervisor, 3 must be family and or relatives. 

It is important that all information be accurate and verifiable. Any non-verifiable information could be the reason for disqualification. 

Documentation Required for Approval:

Proof of Income: Acceptable proof of income will include:   
            - Copy of most recent paycheck stub with year-to-date earnings
            - Previous 2 years tax return
            - 1099 and/or W-2's 
If online, please know how to transfer, send and share files.  Exceptions can be made by ACAC management through verbal verification.

Proof of Insurance: Please provide a copy of insurance verification from your insurance company
            - Insurance card
            - Billing statement 
            - etc. 

Copy of Valid NC Driver's License: Federal law requires us to obtain this information for identification purposes before titling transfer can occur.